Katelyn Perry Photography

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On assignment, I was afforded the opportunity to document Coral Vita, a company that is leading the way in coral reef restoration. Based in The Bahamas, Coral Vita created the world’s first land based coral farm - it’s there that they implement a process called microfragmentation. This process involves harvesting coral from healthy reefs and breaking it into tiny, microscopic pieces. The pieces are then placed next to each other in sea water, which forces the coral to fuse together and grow 50x faster than it would in the wild. After, the coral is planted into degraded reefs to encourage regrowth.

Reefs all over the world are dying at an alarming rate due to climate change and pollution. The work Coral Vita is doing helps the almost billion people that rely on coral reefs for food, coastal protection, and income. This story documents just one day of the work that happens each day on the Coral Vita farm. 

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